Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy for information disclose
KYB Corporation (the “Company”) discloses timely, accurate, and appropriate information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (“Timely Disclosure Rules”) prescribed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. in order to help shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders better understand the Company. In addition, the Company actively discloses information that is useful for understanding the Company, even if such disclosure is not required by laws and regulations or the Timely Disclosure Rules.
2. Method of information disclosure
The Company publishes information required by the Timely Disclosure Rules on the Timely Disclosure Network (“TDnet”) of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. The Company also posts the information published on TDnet on its website promptly after its disclosure on TDnet. The Company discloses other information such as press releases and postings on its website appropriately and promptly pursuant to the principle of timely disclosure. As a general rule, the Company publishes English versions of information disclosed in Japanese in order to make it comprehensible to as many stakeholders as possible.
3. Prevention of insider trading
The Company prevents insider trading by specifying in its internal rules the basic matters subject to compliance in connection with the appropriate management of internal information and selling and buying, etc. of securities, thoroughly communicating insider trading regulations, and operating its trading management system appropriately.
4. Quiet period
To prevent the leakage of information on financial results (including quarterly results) and ensure the fairness of information, the Company designates the period starting a week prior to the closing date of each accounting period until the day of the announcement of financial results as a quiet period. During this period, the Company refrains from responding to questions and making comments on financial results and forecasts. However, the Company discloses information as appropriate concerning any differences from the financial forecasts arising during this period that is subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules.
5. Forecasts of future financial results
Of the information disclosed by the Company, information on future forecasts, including future plans, prospects, and strategies, is prepared based on information deemed reasonable and available to the Company at the time of developing such forecasts, which include risks and uncertainties. The Company requests that users of such forecasts acknowledge that the actual financial results published may differ from the forecasts.