Strategy of KYB

Management Principles

By serving technologies and products that make people’s life safe and comfortable, KYB group dedicates to the society.

1.We shall follow all rules and face all issues with honesty.

2.We shall built a corporate culture full of vitality, and hold high goals.

3.We shall value sincerity, cherish nature, care for the environment.

4.We shall constantly pursue creativity, contribute to the prosperity of customers, shareholders,
     suppliers and society.

Management Vision

  • Human Resources DevelopmentTo develop human resources who have a thorough understanding of our policies and strategies and can accomplish our goals with passion.

  • Technology and product developmentTo provide products that gain the admiration, comfort and full satisfaction from our customers throughout the world.

  • Monozukuri (Japanese manufacturing expertise)To operate plants filled with the creative inspiration of committed Monozukuri, energy and joy of creating products that satisfy our customers.

  • ManagementTo be always self-aware of our corporate social responsibilities and to pursue efficient group management.