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About this site

Site management policy at KYB Co., Ltd.
This website for KYB Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "KYB") is managed by KYB. Please use this website only if you agree with the following Site Policy (Terms of Use). Also, please note that this Site Policy (Terms of Use) is subject to change. A revised version will be published when any changes are made, so please check the latest contents.
Legal responsibility
KYB cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from access to this website or use thereof. Also, please understand that KYB cannot be held responsible for the occurrence of damage or virus infections, etc. in computers or other equipment due to accessing or downloading from this website.
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Materials, written works and trademarks, etc. on the KYB website belong to KYB and the various authors of the original contents, and are subject to written works, trademark signs, and other intellectual property rights. Except for private duplication, use of such items (amendment, duplication, rent, lease, and transmission, etc.) without the permission from the respective rights-holders is prohibited by law. Furthermore, resale or for-profit distribution of the materials on this website is also prohibited by law.