KYB Brand

KYB Brand

KYB Corporate Symbol


Logo Meaning:

The letters of the logo are slanted to represent comfortable beams of sunlight, ascending lines showing growth, and a flexibility to change with the times. They also represent a sense of speed, progress, and innovation. In addition, the design of the B represents hydraulic fluids.

Corporate Color Meaning:

Red is the color of passion, intensity, and enthusiasm. It expresses the warmth of the sun, which has the power to make living things grow. Red is also a positive color, and represents manufacturing that goes the extra mile.

Corporate Statement

Corporate Statements

“Precision” = [n] correctness, appropriateness, accuracy, fine, minute
“Advantage” = [n] superiority, strength, benefit, effect [vt] brings benefit, promote
KYB provides exacting quality and reliable technology to our end users and clients. We express the unique characteristics of those products in a clear corporate statement.
In moving ahead with our business, KYB will continue to offer reliable quality to our end users and clients. This represents not only an “advantage” to our stakeholders, but also an “advantage” to our employees, who feel the joy of monozukuri in knowing that they are changing the world for the better with the quality they help create. This is the meaning of our corporate statement.




What the KYB brand offers the world

Monozukuri (manufacturing skill) that brings happiness

KYB’s aim is to support the development of society through the joy of monozukuri, and make people happier as a result.


The mission of KYB brand

Monozukuri that goes the extra mile

KYB will remain an enterprise that delivers value to clients and markets by making use of the reliable technical expertise we have built up over the years.
Through our efforts, we provide monozukuri that goes the extra mile to offer our clients new values and greater satisfaction than they have ever known.


Value the KYB brand creates

Technology for comfortable living

Value we can feel: Comfortable living, the joy of monozukuri
Value we can use: Reliable quality
The value KYB promises to its end users: A higher level of comfortable living through our creative technology and dedication to product development.
The value KYB promises to its clients: Reliable quality that comes from thinking of end users as our clients.
The value KYB promises to its employees: “The joy of monozukuri” that comes from knowing they are changing the world.