Project Story

世界一の技を持つプロフェッショナル達のストーリー あきらめなければ閃く瞬間がやってくる【油機技術部】
Steering a car like you want to
Developing the next generation steering technology

KYB began development of steering by wire technology because there was a need to create a highly functional electrical component that would match the needs of drivers. Especially, developing the next generation steering technology that would allow drivers to steer a car like they want to was a wonderful challenge for us. While the software itself was developed by a customer, we collaborated with KYB staff at each of their bases for the motor and ECU hardware. The entire company got involved in all the processes we required, from design to mass production. Our company is good with hydraulics, but we were not familiar with developing electrical components, so the expectations from those around us were more than we could imagine. We took on this project with the strong commitment to succeed at any cost.

Mr. Taro Matsumae
Project success was boosted by the combined strength of the KYB team

I was mainly in charge of development of the ECU mechanism part on this project. It had a more complex design than a normal EPS, so we had a tough time with part layout. The direction of the connector changed with each prototype. It was tough because we had to maintain the electrical characteristics despite repeated trial and error. I was so happy when we successfully finished the product and shipped it out. The product we worked on was commercially available and being useful to someone, which gave me an enormous sense of accomplishment as an engineer. The secret to the success of the project was sharing information. If everyone holds on to information individually then communication will suffer, leading to problems, so we held regular meetings and strove to compare our information in detail. There is also a need to increase the number of people in electronics, so we proactively relegated this to younger staff. Building on this led to an increase in the combined power of “Team KYB.”

KYB, where the power of engineers can be freely and fully demonstrated.

Above all, customers won’t buy electrical components for EPS such as steering by wire technology unless they have a proven track record. In that sense, our company’s electrical components fall behind our competitors. In order to utilize this opportunity and increase the kinds of vehicles that these components are in, we need to respond to various needs such as quality, of course, but also smaller and lighter products, lower costs, and better functions. KYB has created a place where engineers can demonstrate their power, so I want to work harder on technological development in the future.