Message from the President

FY2017 marks the start of a new Medium-term Corporate Policy. It is the final medium term business plan (mid-term plan) of the three incremental plans we started in FY2010 with a focus on where we want the KYB Group to be in FY2020.The KYB Group is working together under the slogan “A Global KYB—Challenge and Innovation.”

KYB’s core technology is hydraulics. That technology forms the root that runs through all the technologies we offer: vibration control, power control, and systems technology. Over the years, KYB has grown on a global scale as a comprehensive hydraulic equipment manufacturer.
Moving ahead, we will work to establish a trusted brand that contributes to an abundant society through monozukuri.
In the current fiscal year, without abandoning the issues we were unable to resolve in the 2014 medium-term business plan, we will provide guidance for carrying out drastic structural reforms and make effective use of existing plants and facilities to stabilize our revenue base. Furthermore, we will continue to strive for new product development and innovative monozukuri that matches customer needs. In line with growing global innovation, we will create new value that will lead to the improvement of our corporate value.
As we advance toward our next stage of continuous growth, we are aiming for Group sales of ¥500.0 billion from 2020 onward.
I will continue to guide KYB forward towards the Company’s 100th anniversary. I sincerely ask you, our shareholders and investors, for your continued support of the KYB Group.
KYB: “Our Precision, Your Advantage.”

June 2017

Yasusuke Nakajima