Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.

Our commitment

To our customers

We will provide our customers with safe, quality goods and services through our outstanding technology and skill to gain their satisfaction and trust.

To our shareholders

We will run the company with transparent and high quality management, striving to achieve the appropriate result, and enhancing the degree of mutual understanding and satisfaction by our shareholders.

To our suppliers

We will commit ourselves to hold transparent, free and fair competition to establish the mutual trust and fair deals.

To society and environment

We will contribute ourselves to the society, as good corporate citizens, giving the first priority to the safety and environment and balancing with the local communities.

Every one of us

We will comply with the laws, respecting mutual personality and individual person’s sense of value, and try to make the workplaces full of the creativity and inclusion.

Corporate Guiding Principles

1.Corporate Ethics
  • - We will strive, under the leadership of management, to follow all rules and enhance our corporate value through implementation of fair and sincere corporate conduct based on high ethical standards, as well as promote continuous innovation of our corporate culture through reform activities of corporate characteristics, and endeavor to engage in appropriate behavior in line with ethical behavior and the expectations from society in order to satisfy the trust of society.
  • - We will aim to become a corporate group that considers it to be its highest value to perform our social responsibilities with a high sense of ethics.
  • - We will have a responsibility in being a member of the KYB Group and, regardless of whether during work or not, we will endeavor to always act with prudence.
2.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • - We will be always conscious of being a member of the global community, and we will not only comply with international norms and the laws and regulations of each country, but also respect traditional culture and customs of local communities.
  • - We will not act so as to impair the interests of the company or suppliers, such as by using our position in the company for our own or a third party's interests, and will endeavor not to engage in any act, speech or behavior that would cause other people to question our fairness and sincerity.
  • - Regardless of whether overseas or in Japan, we will not provide or receive excessive entertainment and gifts to or from customers, suppliers or civil servants either in violation of the laws and regulations or beyond common social norms.
3.Respect for Human Rights
  • - We will respect the dignity of all individuals and respect human rights that are internationally recognized and, additionally, we will not be involved in violations of human rights. In the unlikely event it is found or likely that our business activities, products or services may cause violations of human rights, we will forthwith take an appropriate measure against it.
  • - We will absolutely not tolerate any discriminatory acts on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age or physical or mental disabilities or illnesses.
  • - We will not practice forced labor and child labor in any form whatsoever.
4.Respect for Workers' Rights
  • - Pursuant to international standards and the laws and regulations of each country, we will respect the fundamental rights of labor, such as workers' freedom of association, right to organize and right to bargain collectively.
5.Handling of Company's Property
  • - We will carefully handle the equipment and facilities of the company. We will strive not to use for personal purposes, roughly handle or waste the property of the company.
6.Protection of Intellectual Property
  • - We will understand that intellectual property, such as technical achievements, software, manufacturing know-how, confidential business information, designs and brands that are acquired through business operations, are critical to support our business activities.
  • - We will actively contribute to the creation of intellectual property in order to increase the social and economic value of the company. Furthermore, we will make efforts to properly protect and utilize the intellectual property that we created, such as through creation or acquisition of rights.
  • - We will respect legitimate intellectual property of third parties in the same manner as our own intellectual property and strive to avoid willful infringement and misuse.
7.For Customers
  • - We will strive to earn the trust of society by providing quality goods and services which are good enough to satisfy our customers at the right time and right price.
8.Pursuit of Optimum Quality
  • - We will try to gain customer satisfaction and trust by always considering the essential qualities of products and services that will satisfy customers and will not conduct any improper act which may damage the trust of our customers, suppliers, or society such as falsifying inspection data, etc..
  • - We will take seriously the valuable opinions we receive from our customers and strive to improve the quality of our products and services.
  • - In the event of quality defects or accidents, we will face the situation directly and respond promptly and honestly. Additionally, we will accurately confirm the facts, thoroughly pursue an investigation of the cause, work to prevent a reoccurrence and endeavor to earn the trust of customers.
9.Relationship with Stakeholders
  • - We will strive to earn the trust of society by responding to the expectations of all stakeholders in accordance with the Corporate Spirit, "We shall constantly pursue creativity, and contribute to the prosperity of customers, shareholders, suppliers and society."
  • - We will value our relationships with all stakeholders, listen carefully to and respect their opinions and claims, build and maintain relationships of trust, as well as make efforts to improve ourselves.
  • - In the event of occurrence of an emergency event such as fire, natural disaster or factory accident, we, considering human life as the top priority, will make efforts to minimize the damages and continue business.
10.Dealing with Our Customers
  • - We will not unreasonably restrict transactions with our customers, or engage in acts that eliminate free competition, such as bid rigging and cartels, or that slander or defame competitors. We will undertake fair and proper transactions in compliance with the Antimonopoly Act, the similar laws and regulations of each country, using sound commercial practices and social common sense.
11.Dealing with Our Suppliers
  • - We will respect suppliers as valued business partners and strive to build trust, coexistence and co-prosperity with them.
  • - We will undertake fair and proper transactions with suppliers in compliance with the Antimonopoly Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and the similar laws and regulations of each country.
  • - We will not engage in any dishonest acts, such as unjust exclusionary acts, discriminatory treatment or restriction on business activities of suppliers, by using our superior position over them.
12.Supply Chain
  • - We will acknowledge that we have social responsibilities to our supply chain as well. We will oppose forced labor and child labor in any form in the supply chain and implement the non-use of conflict minerals.
  • - We will aim to create products that are friendly to the earth and people and work hard in our procurement that takes the environment into consideration.
  • - We expect our suppliers to share the values expressed in this clause.
13.Pursuit of New Technologies
  • - On the basis of increased technological advantage available to us through constant creative and innovative research and development of technology, we will contribute to our customers, shareholders, suppliers and development of society via creation of products that are friendly to the earth and people.
14.Provision of Safe Products
  • - We will provide safe products to secure the satisfaction and trust of customers.
  • - When providing products and services, we will also provide such information as quality information and safety manuals in an appropriate and easily understandable manner.
  • - We will constantly collect and classify related laws, regulations and standards in each country and region concerning safety, reliability and satisfaction of environmental standards and strive to ensure the highest safety standards with the latest technology.
  • - In the event that it is found or likely that our products or services do not meet the latest safety standards, we will confirm the facts, promptly and accurately report the same to concerned persons within and outside of the company, guarantee security and engage in appropriate activities, such as probing into the cause, taking countermeasures and making improvements.
15.Participation in Activities of Industry Associations and Other Related Organizations
  • - We will join and be active in industry associations and other related organizations solely for the purpose of promoting and familiarizing technology related to our products and services, as well as contributing to the sound development of the industry.
16.No Involvement with Antisocial Forces
  • - We will not have any relationships whatsoever with forces, associations and illegal organizations that threaten the safety and order of society. We will take a resolute stance as an organization against improper or illegal demands from those forces, etc. and we will not provide them with any benefit whatsoever.
17.Appropriate Accounting and Account Settlement
  • - We will undertake transparent and prompt accounting and account settlement in accordance with fair and appropriate accounting standards, as well as strive to maintain sound management by paying appropriate taxes.
18.Disclosure of Information
  • - We will disclose and communicate to all stakeholders timely and appropriately highly useful corporate information, such as management plans, business details, financial information and information on CSR activities and will strive to increase management transparency and achieve accountability to society.
19.Prohibition of Insider Trading
  • - We will not seek personal interests or recommend to others trading in shares of the company by using the company's internal information or information on companies that we trade with.
20.Retention of Trade Secret
  • - We will identify as trade secret business strategies, technical know-how and other information that should be retained by the company as confidential information and manage such trade secret strictly. We will not disclose or provide the trade secret outside of the company without going through proper procedures, or use the same for purposes other than our business, and we will strive to prevent the leakage of trade secret.
  • - We will use the confidential information of other companies learned in our operations only for appropriate business purposes and strive to prevent the leakage of such information with at least the same degree of care as we exercise to protect our own trade secret.
21.Protection of Personal Information
  • - We will take necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent the leakage of information that can identify a specific individual and information pertaining to the privacy of an individual that is learned in our operations.
  • - We will respect the privacy of each individual and we will not disclose information pertaining to each individual and his/her privacy to a third party or use such information for unintended purposes without obtaining consent of the relevant individual.
22.Contribution to Society
  • - We will promote coexistence and cooperation with local communities, proactively engage in such activities as volunteer activities and conducting local events, and contribute to the development of local communities as "good corporate citizens."
  • - We will respect local communities' history, culture and customs, and support non-commercial aspects such as culture and arts in order to contribute to development of a sustainable society.
23.Preservation of Natural Environment
  • - We will recognize that we are dependent upon rich and varied nature and make efforts to create products that are friendly to the earth and people in our domestic and overseas business activities.
  • - We will actively promote preservation of natural environment by identifying environmental conservation activities as one of the important indicators for the evaluation of management and undertaking global warming countermeasures, energy conservation promotion, recycling of resources, waste reduction and proper management of chemical substances.
24.Health and Safety
  • - We will always think safety first and engage, with all employees participating, in activities aimed at prevention of industrial accidents and occupational diseases and the creation of an accident-and-risk-free work environment.
  • - We will prepare a clean and hygienic work environment through thorough tidiness, order, cleanliness, sanitation and training.
25.Creation of Comfortable Working Environment
  • - We will value a way of working that takes the diversity of our employees into consideration and strive to create lively workplaces.
  • - We will strive to create a vibrant and comfortable workplace where we care for each other while giving consideration to physical and mental health, respect each persons' point of view and position, and allow free and open exchange of opinions.
  • - We will absolutely not tolerate acts that worsen the working environment and cause mental and physical pain beyond the proper scope of operations.
26.Enhancing Workplace Capabilities through Education and Skills Development
  • - As "human resources" that support the sustainable growth of the KYB Group operating its business globally, each one of us will proactively increase our own abilities through diverse education and training and we will build strong workplace capabilities at every workplace.