Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Basic Information of KYB Corporation


Founded November 19, 1919, as Kayaba Research Center
Established March 10, 1935, as Kayaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Incorporated November 25, 1948, as Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.
Securities Traded Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
Paid-in Capital 27,647.6 million yen(as of March 31, 2018)
Net Sales 392.4 billion yen(for FY2017, consolidated)
199.4 billion yen(for FY2017, non-consolidated)
IR Library
Number of Employees 14,754(as of March 31, 2018, consolidated)
3,775(as of March 31, 2018, non-consolidated)
Head Office World Trade Center Bldg. 11F, 4-1, Hamamatsu-cho 2-chome,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6111, Japan
Tel. +81-3-3435-3511 Fax. +81-3-3436-6759
Major Products
(AC) Operations
Shock absorbers for automobiles
Shock absorbers (OE, aftermarket),Suspension systems
Shock absorbers for motorcycles
Front folks, Rear cushion units
Hydraulic equipment for automobiles
Vane pumps, Vane Pumps for CVT, Power steering systems, EPS
Stay dampers, Shock Absorbers for ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle), Free locks
(HC) Operations
Hydraulic equipment for industrial use
Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Motors, MMP, HST
Dampers for railroad cars, Brakes for railroad cars, Semi-Active Suspension Systems for railroad cars, Seals
Vehicles, Aircraft
System Products
and Electronics
Special-purpose vehicles
Concrete mixer trucks, Granule carriers, Special-purpose vehicles
Hydraulic equipment for aircraft
Actuators, Valves, Wheels, Brakes
System products and electronic
components, etc.
Simulators, Auditorium and stage control systems,
Tunnel boring machines, Environmental devices,
ECU, Mobile communication devices

Management (as of April 1, 2019)

Representative Director, Chairman Yasusuke Nakajima Executive Officer Masaru Tsuboi
Representative Director, President Executive Officer Masao Ono Executive Officer Tomoyuki Nagata
Representative Director, Executive Vice President Executive Officer Takaaki Kato Executive Officer Koji Yamamoto
Member of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President Executive Officer Keiichi Handa Executive Officer Hiroshi Kurotaki
Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Managing Executive Officer Keisuke Saito Executive Officer Takashi Kondo
Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Managing Executive Officer Takafumi Shoji Executive Officer Kimiro Sudo
Member of the Board of Directors (Outside) Rokuro Tsuruta Executive Officer Takashi Tezuka
Member of the Board of Directors (Outside) Shuhei Shiozawa Executive Officer Ryuji Uda
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hiroshi Ogawa Executive Officer Minoru Ishikawa
Senior Managing Executive Officer Toshihiko Hatakeyama Executive Officer Tomoki Takaoka
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Nitta Executive Officer Ukuru Tsuchida
Managing Executive Officer Eiji Hisada Executive Officer Ichio Nemoto
Managing Executive Officer Kenji Yamanouchi Executive Officer Minoru Tamai
Managing Executive Officer Hideki Nonoyama Executive Officer Shozo Amano
Managing Executive Officer Osamu Kunihara Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full Time) Tomoo Akai
Managing Executive Officer Ikuo Inagaki Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full Time) Osamu Kawase
Managing Executive Officer Hajime Sato Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full Time) Motoo Yamamoto
Managing Executive Officer Kazuaki Shoji Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full Time) Takashi Saito
Managing Executive Officer Masahiro Kawase