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A Message from the President

Constant Product Development: To respond to customers' expectations

A message from Yasusuke Nakajima, Representative Director, President Executive Officer

Based on the spirit of creative development that has been passed down from the founder, Shiro Kayaba, KYB Corporation has offered a variety of products with hydraulic technology at their core since our foundation in 1935.
In addition, we have continued to grow worldwide as a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, backed by the gracious understanding and support of our stakeholders. Our products support the lives of people throughout the world today, providing safety, peace of mind, and comfort.

Looking back on the 2014 mid-term plan, we promoted a path to further global growth through energetic sales activities in the Automotive Components Operations. In the Hydraulic Components Operations, we developed drastic structural reforms, such as reorganization of domestic and overseas companies, due to an economic slowdown in China and economic slump in developing countries. We have also endeavored to strengthen our business base of Special-purpose Vehicles and Aircraft Components with the aim of expanding those expected growing markets.

This fiscal year marks the first year of the 2017 mid-term plan. We will take a strong step forward as we leap into the coming three years with a sense of purpose and pleasure, and continue as always to be “a company that can contribute to an abundant, vibrant society through the power of manufacturing expertise.” In addition, we will quickly construct a business base that is resilient against environmental changes, and actively carry out measures that lead to continuous growth. To achieve this, we believe it is important to boost on-site capabilities and continue innovative manufacturing trusted by customers worldwide.

To meet the needs of our customers in the future, we will swiftly engage in various measures with a sense of purpose, while simultaneously striving to enthusiastically absorb information and different cultures outside of our corporation to fulfill our social responsibilities and advance the healthy development of society.
“Our Precision, Your Advantage” KYB

Yasusuke Nakajima