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Constant Product Development: To respond to customers' expectations

A message from Masao Ono, Representative Director, President Executive Officer

Based on the spirit of creative development that has been passed down from the founder, Shiro Kayaba, KYB Corporation has offered a variety of products with hydraulic technology at their core since our foundation in 1935.

However, nonconforming acts in the inspection process for seismic isolation/mitigation oil dampers were identified in fiscal 2018. This has caused concern and hardships for our customers. All members of the KYB Group are working together to swiftly put reliable prevention measures in place, and we are building a strong, solid corporate culture.
To ensure that a similar incident never occurs again, we have set “quality management” as the foundation of our company’s management. Also, we are making sure that awareness of norms is both reinforced and fully established while striving to recover trust.
Fiscal 2019 is positioned as the first year of KYB’s recovery. The Group is putting all our efforts into rebuilding KYB to be stronger and better than ever before.

To meet the needs of our customers, we will swiftly and purposefully take action to fulfill our social responsibilities and continue to be “a company that can contribute to an abundant, vibrant society through the power of monozukuri (manufacturing expertise).”

Masao Ono