Corporate Information

KYB Group Corporate Guiding Principles

1.Basic Principles

1-1 Corporate Ethics

  1. (1) The KYB Group will aim to become a corporate group which places the highest value on fulfilling our social responsibilities with a high sense of ethics.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will promote continuous innovation of our corporate culture by refining company values and, in order to live up to the trust of society, endeavor to act appropriately in line with ethical behavior and the expectations of society.
  3. (3) We, under the leadership of management, will strive to enhance our corporate value by adhering to norms and engaging in fair and sincere corporate conduct based on high ethical standards.

1-2 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  1. (1) We will be conscious of being a member of the global community and of the need to comply with international norms and local laws and regulations. We will also respect the traditional culture and customs of local communities.

1-3 Sensible Actions

  1. (1) We will assume responsibility as a member of the KYB Group and always take sensible actions whether on or off the job.

1-4 Respect for Human Rights

  1. (1) The KYB Group will respect human rights which are internationally recognized and will not be involved in any violations of human rights. In the unlikely event it is found that our business activities, products, or services are or may be causing a violation of human rights, we will immediately take appropriate measures to stop it.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will absolutely not tolerate any discriminatory acts on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, or physical or mental disability or illness.
  3. (3) The KYB Group will not practice forced labor or child labor in any form.
  4. (4) We will perform our duties in line with the KYB Group’s approach regarding respect for human rights.

1-5 Relationship with Our Stakeholders

  1. (1) The KYB Group will value our relationships with all stakeholders, listen carefully to and respect their opinions and claims, build and maintain relationships of trust, and make efforts toward self-improvement.

2.Our Customers and Us

2-1 For Our Customers

  1. (1) The KYB Group will strive to earn the trust of customers by providing products and services which meet their expectations in a timely manner and at an appropriate price.

2-2 Pursuit of Optimum Quality

  1. (1) The KYB Group will endeavor to gain customer satisfaction and trust by considering the essential attributes of products and services which satisfy customers. In the unlikely event of a quality defect or accident, we will face the situation directly and address it promptly and sincerely.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will take seriously the opinions received from customers and strive to improve the quality of our products and services.
  3. (3) We will not engage in any improper acts which undermine the trust of our customers and society, in light of the reflection of the past improper acts we have committed.

2-3 Provision of Safe Products

  1. (1) The KYB Group will comply with applicable local laws, regulations, and standards regarding safety, reliability, and conformity to environmental standards and, using superior technology, provide safe products which customers can use with confidence.
  2. (2) The KYB Group, in the event it is found that our products and services do not conform to the latest safety standards, will take appropriate actions by promptly and accurately reporting it to relevant parties, both internally and externally, and ensuring safety.
  3. (3) The KYB Group will provide appropriate and easy-to-understand information on the quality of our products and services, as well as on how to use them safely.
  4. (4) We will strive to give our customers confidence and trust by pursuing the highest level of safety in our products and services from the standpoint of the customers.

2-4 Pursuit of New Technologies

  1. (1) The KYB Group will promote the manufacture of products which are friendly to people and the earth, based on our technological capabilities enhanced by original and innovative research and development.

2-5 Fair and Equitable Transactions

  1. (1) The KYB Group will conduct fair and equitable transactions with customers in compliance with local competition laws.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will join and be active in industry associations and other related organizations, for the purpose of advancing and disseminating technology related to our products and services and contributing to the sound development of the industry.

2-6 Import and Export Controls

  1. (1) The KYB Group will comply with international laws and regulations regarding import and export controls and foreign transactions.

3.Our Shareholders/Investors and Us

3-1 Proper Accounting and Financial Processes

  1. (1) The KYB Group will have transparent and prompt accounting and financial processes in accordance with fair and reasonable accounting standards. In addition, the Group will endeavor to maintain sound management by paying appropriate taxes.
  2. (2) We will understand the importance of proper accounting and financial processes and will not engage in fraudulent or misleading accounting practices.

3-2 Information Disclosure

  1. (1) The KYB Group will strive to enhance management transparency and fulfill our accountability to society through disclosure and communication of company information to all stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner, including information on management policies, business activities, financial data, and Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

3-3 Prohibition of Insider Trading

  1. (1) We will not buy or sell the company’s shares or other securities by using unpublished company information which we learned in the course of our duties and may influence investment decisions. In addition, we will not give such information to others and recommend trading in shares or other securities.

3-4 Disaster Response

  1. (1) The KYB Group, in the event of an emergency such as fire, natural disaster, plant accident, or spread of infectious disease, will make efforts to minimize damage and ensure that business can continue, with top priority given to human life.

4.Our Suppliers and Us

4-1 Building Relationships of Trust

  1. (1) The KYB Group will undertake fair transactions with suppliers in compliance with laws and regulations.
  2. (2) We will respect our suppliers as important business partners and make efforts to build relationships of trust through cooperation and support.

4-2 Appropriate Procurement

  1. (1) The KYB Group will strive for the best and most optimal procurement which takes the environment into consideration, aiming to manufacture products which are friendly to people and the earth.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will oppose forced labor and child labor in any form in the supply chain, and work to eliminate the use of conflict minerals.
  3. (3) We will conduct appropriate procurement activities in accordance with the approach and basic policy on procurement of the KYB Group.

5.The Society/Environment and Us

5-1 Protecting the Natural Environment

  1. (1) The KYB Group will recognize that our survival depends on a rich and varied environment and endeavor to manufacture products which are friendly to people and the earth.
  2. (2) The KYB Group will actively promote the protection of the natural environment by implementing global warming countermeasures, promoting energy conservation, recycling resources, reducing waste, and properly managing chemical substances.
  3. (3) We will practice resource conservation, energy conservation, recycling, and other related measures in line with the KYB Group’s approach to protecting the natural environment.

5-2 Contribution to Society

  1. (1) The KYB Group, as a “good corporate citizen,” will contribute to the development of local communities by promoting cooperation and support with the communities and proactively engaging in local volunteer activities and local events.
  2. (2) We will understand the KYB Group’s approach for contribution to society and endeavor to fulfill our expected role in society.

5-3 Zero Tolerance for Individuals and Groups Involved in Criminal Activities

  1. (1) The KYB Group will not have any relationship with individuals, groups, associations, or illegal organizations which threaten the order and safety of society. The KYB Group will take a firm stand against any unlawful demands from such organizations and will not provide them any support.

6.The Company and Us

6-1 Respect for Workers’ Rights

  1. (1) The KYB Group will respect the fundamental rights of workers according to international standards and local laws and regulations.

6-2 Health and Safety

  1. (1) The KYB Group will always give top priority to safety, aiming to prevent industrial accidents and occupational illnesses and create a work environment free of accidents and hazards.
  2. (2) We will practice the 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) in maintaining a clean and organized work environment.

6-3 Creating a Positive Work Environment

  1. (1) The KYB Group will value work styles which embrace the diversity of employees and seek to create energetic workplaces.
  2. (2) We will make efforts to create vibrant and positive workplaces which give consideration to physical and mental health, and where employees care about each other, respect each other’s viewpoints and positions, and freely and openly exchange opinions.
  3. (3) The KYB Group will absolutely not tolerate any act which causes psychological or physical pain or worsens the work environment beyond the reasonable scope required by our operations.

6-4 Handling of Company Property

  1. (1) We will handle company equipment and facilities with care. We will neither make personal use of, nor spend wastefully on company property.

6-5 Protection of Intellectual Property

  1. (1) We will understand that intellectual property, such as technical findings, software, manufacturing know-how, trade secrets, designs, and brands obtained through our operations, are important assets which support our business activities, and strive to protect and utilize the intellectual property appropriately.
  2. (2) We will also respect the intellectual property of third parties and make effort not to infringe upon it or use it improperly.

6-6 Handling of Confidential Corporate Information

  1. (1) The KYB Group will strictly manage confidential corporate information identified by the company as confidential information, as well as confidential information of other companies learned through our operations, and strive to prevent the improper leakage of such information.
  2. (2) (2) We will not externally disclose or provide any confidential corporate information, or use them for non-operation purposes, without taking proper precautions.

6-7 Protection of Personal Information

  1. (1) The KYB Group will work to take necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent the improper leakage of information that can identify a specific individual or violate the privacy of an individual learned through our operations.
  2. (2) We will not disclose to any third party or use for unintended purposes any information pertaining to an individual or his/her privacy without the consent of the individual.

6-8 Prevention of Bribery

  1. (1) We will not provide or receive money, goods or other benefits, such as excessive entertainment and gifts, to or from customers, suppliers, or public officials in any country in violation of laws and regulations or in a manner exceeding the approved and customary local practices.

6-9 Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest

  1. (1) We will not engage in any acts which would impair the interests of the company or our suppliers by, for example, using our position in the company for our own or a third party’s interests.

6-10 Enhancing Workforce Capabilities through Education and Skills Development

  1. (1) We, as human assets supporting the sustainable growth of the KYB Group, will make proactive efforts to build up our individual abilities through education and training and ensure that we can demonstrate strong workforce capabilities in every workplace.