Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.

KYB Group values dialogue with all stakeholders.

* From FY2019, the contents of the “Annual Report” and “Environmental and Social Report” have been further enhanced, and have been designated as “Integrated Report”.

Integrated Report

Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2019 2018.4-2019.3

All Contents Download is available here(3.12MB)

Partial Contents

P1-P5 (1.06MB)

To Our Stakeholders/Nonconforming Aactions in the Inspection Process for Seismic Isolation/
Mitigation Oil Dampers and Other Matters/Corporate Spirit/Contents

P6-P17 (1.42MB)

Feature: The History of KYB and Its Businesses/KYB Group Businesses

P18-P21 (396KB)

Stakeholder Communications

P22-P31 (738KB)

Environmental Management/Quality Management/Human Resources Management

P32-P41 (400KB)

Corporate Governance/Internal Control and Compliance

P42-P47 (573KB)

Risk Information/Management Team/Financial Highlights/KYB in Globe/Corporate Information /
Shareholder Information

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