Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.


Protect the Green Earth and Create Products Gentle to the Environment

Basic Environmental Policies

The KYB Group creates products gentle to both people and the earth. We are dedicated to the promotion of environmental activities as an important tool for evaluating management.

  • 1. Coordinates and builds up productive and corporate activities based on the recycling to reduce impacts on the environment.
  • 2. Strive to ensure long-term and sustainable operations throughout the entire KYB Group.
  • 3. Work to promote harmony with society and contribute to the global community as a good corporate citizen.
  • 4. Clarify every employee’s role so that all employees can participate fully.

As of fiscal year 2017, the mid-term policy phase 3 will be developed, and we have started environment and safety activities based on the new mid-term policy formulated under the keywords: compliance with the rules, speed, and challenge.

Summary of the Environmental/Safety Mid-term Policy (2017 to 2019)

1. Creation of plants aiming to minimize energy consumption and waste
Environment development for partial supply of energy
Promotion of measures through energy visualization
Promotion of waste volume reduction and recycling
2. Creation and expansion of industrial and fire accident-free production bases
Risk assessment and promotion of measures for industrial accidents
Fire accident-free
  • Initiatives to Reduce Environmental BurdenPSVL2-42外観
    The Kumagaya Plant installed a heat shield coating on the roof of building No.1 in July 2016. After installation of the heat shield coating, the air-conditioning load was decreased and resulted in approximately a 7% per year reduction in CO2 emissions.
    In addition, the indoor temperature was decreased by 2 degrees C from the average per year.
  • Development of an Energy-saving Product5-3 1号棟屋根遮熱塗装写真
    Piston pump for miniexcavator(New).
    Contribute to excavator operability improvement and energy saving.
  • Social Contribution Activities競技中の鈴木選手
    As a sponsor and supplier of the Para-alpine ski team of the Japan Para-Ski Federation (Specified Nonprofit Organization), the KYB Group develops products and provides technical support for the shock absorbers on the chair-skis for the Japanese team.