Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.

Supply basic policy

KYB fulfills its corporate social responsibility and actively works towards maintaining the trust of society.
KYB achieves continue business development by means of manufacturing, and its customers are important partners in making products that contribute to constructing an affluent society.
KYB’s basic approach to supply is introduced below.

1. Supply activities with the aim of mutual existence and prosperity with Suppliers
In our globally expanding supply activities, we aim towards equal business opportunities and fair and impartial transactions.
By sharing issues and objectives with our Suppliers, and by working together to strengthen our competitive power, we aim to create relationships where both parties benefit. We ensure that communication always goes both ways so as to resolve issues and achieve objectives.
2. Legal compliance
Supply activities are implemented with full legal compliance (Japanese Antitrust Act, subcontracting laws and related laws in each country and region) as a matter of course, and complete respect for traditional cultures and customs, as well as social rules.
3. Quality first
In order to deliver products that our clients can trust, we ask our Suppliers to have preventative quality assurance systems in place, and to supply our company with 100% top quality articles.
4. Safety and health, human rights and labor
We promote supply activities where “Safety first” is the fundamental principle of management in the manufacturing workplace.
KYB has an interest in the human rights of its Suppliers, and promotes supply that maintains a positive working environment.
5. Continuous cost price reduction activities
We are aiming towards reasonably priced supply.
We collect information about a wide range of new technologies, new materials, new products and new methods, etc., from our Suppliers, which we pass on to the point of contact in related internal departments.
We also pursue activities with our partner Suppliers to reduce overall costs.
6. Scheduled delivery
We cooperate with Suppliers and relevant internal departments to reduce the lead-time in order to meet the client’s preferred deadline.
7. Care for the natural environment
As an environmentally friendly company, we promote ecological supply that prioritizes materials and products that respect the global environment.
8. Construction of global supply systems
In order to optimize supply at production bases around the world, KYB is increasing local procurement ratios and building up relationships of mutual trust with local Suppliers. At the same time, KYB is building a global supply information network and systems that can respond to change.
9. Crisis management
An important part of risk management is crisis management, whereby provisions are in place for unexpected situations, such as earthquakes, fires, disaster and widespread outbreaks of disease, and we ask our Suppliers to consider and implement preventative security in this regard.
When required, KYB provides information and support in various ways.
10. Management of confidential information
KYB maintains thorough confidentiality in line with internal regulations with regard to management information, business information and other trade secrets acquired through supply activities.
11. Prevention of corruption
KYB does not engage in giving, receiving or providing business entertainment or gifts with the purpose of maintaining or acquiring unjust profits or preferential treatment.