Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.

Bribery Prevention Policy

1. Basic Stance
All directors, officers and employed persons in our group are required to comply with any and all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines of each country with respect to the bribery prevention, and may not be permitted to commit any of bribery that are prohibited by applicable laws or regulations.
2. Implementation of Compliance Programs
Our group will implement its Compliance Programs, such as appointment of the Control Officer for the bribery prevention, operation of the educational activities, and establishment of whistle-blowing and consultation contact points. Further, our group will inspect and conduct audits on a regular basis, and review and improve such Programs as necessary.
3. Sanctions on Violators
All of our group’s directors, officers and employed persons who commit any act or omission in violation of applicable laws, regulations or any internal regulations regarding the bribery prevention shall be subject to applicable disciplinary measures.