Corporate Information

Our CSR Activities

To provide safe, reliable products for our customers, KYB fulfills its social responsibilities by striving to perform reliable Monozukuri as well as by promoting corporate ethics-oriented CSR activities based on quality management.

Standard Information Security Policy

We, KYB Corporation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively called “KYB Group”), would announce that we have set up our “Standard Information Security Policy” for protection of information assets and commit ourselves to ensure the information security.

1. Organization structure
KYB Group shall appoint one or more “Information Security Managers” and establish an internal structure and system for continuous implementation of initiatives to ensure the information security.
2. Protection of information assets
KYB Group shall properly categorize and prioritize information assets in order to establish and implement appropriate information security measures according to the level of their importance and secrecy, and seek to ensure the established and implemented measures are optimum against cyberattacks or other threats of information leak and risks of information system failures.
3. Compliance
KYB Group shall comply with information security-related laws, regulations, legal or contractual requirements or obligations that it assumes to its customers in individual countries and regions.
4. Education and training
KYB Group shall prepare and provide information security education and training programs to its executive officers and employees that appropriately meet their individual responsibilities.
5. Continuous implementation of improvement
KYB Group shall promise to continue improving its information security management function by regularly valuating the performance and making necessary changes to keep the function optimal.